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Leak Detection

Detecting leaks isn’t always as easy as identifying a leaky faucet. Silent leaks that occur in toilets, hot water heaters, walls and floors are the most devastating and costly to a property. Most properties don’t know these leaks are occurring until they receive a substantial water bill and either have to absorb the expense or pass back to the residents.

Utilizing LeakDetect™ technology, the Minol team can help identify costly leaks in apartment homes before they impact your bottom line.

· Real time leak detection for properties submetered for water.

· Detect leaks in both occupied and vacant units.

· Avoid disputing large resident bills and losing revenue through courtesy credits.

· Receive daily, automatically generated emails with leak detection alarms to designated recipients at your property.

· Applicable for all Inovonics Wireless Based Systems.

For more information about Leak Detection, please contact:

Marie Harvey – Sales Analyst

888-766-1253 ext. 138