About Minol USA

Founded in 1952, Minol is one of the largest Metering, Billing, Conservation and Energy Management providers with 2,500 employees and 32 offices worldwide.  We are a privately held, family owned company with a 60-year history of innovative metering technologies and consumption based billing of gas, electric, water and heating costs.

As one of the leading utility billing providers, our global team produces 5.4 million bills annually for 30,000 clients.

The company is based in Germany with North American headquarters located in Minol Center, Addison, TX.  Our U.S. office has more than 100 employees nationwide with regional and support offices located throughout the country. We operate in all major markets providing services for the multifamily, military, affordable and student housing industries, as well as government agencies and commercial properties.

We are proud to have achieved positive, strategic growth throughout our history.  By partnering with Minol, you can be confident that you are our priority.  We will constantly strive to maximize the value of your investment by continually identifying improvements and developing new opportunities that enhance your investment.

Visit www.minolusa.com for more information.

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